20140624_100203Moonraker – 6m Halo Lop Antenna. So that I could take part in the 50Mhz UKACs, I was looking round for antenna, firstly a design for a beam. Due to my setup I go out and operate /p on a Tuesday Nights, I had already done so many times for both the 70cms and 144MHz  RSGB UKACs.

I normally mount the Antenna on the tow bar of my can or on a separate pole, also having wrist problems I find it painful to turn a beam around by hand, and a rotater  was out of the question for the moment.

Time as running out, after asking around I had a look at a 6m Halo from Mookraker, working out what it would cost me to build, and to buy I when for buying one.

It performs very well and is now two years old, I needed some help putting it together, but as I said before I have problems with my wrists.

The only downside is that the instructions, could be a bit better, and the measurement for the sliders did not match at all. I used a friends Antenna Analyzer, and got it set spot on. Which is just as well as I don’t want any losses at 5watts QRP.

Its been so good that I would like to get one for 2m and 4m (when funds allow).