Bishop Wilton Wold SOTA Summit G/TW-004 19th June 2014

Bishop Wilton Wold SOTA Summit G/TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold SOTA Summit G/TW-004 19th June 2014

I wanted a quick easy Sota Summit to activate, a quick look around on the SOTA Web site and I found Bishop Wilton Wold.

A few minutes later, I checking out how long its going to take me to get there, this is a summit that anyone could do, its a park your car up in the lay-by and hop out and setup.

You will be able to see the Trig point on the map, however its on some private property see attached photo, it could do with a lick of white paint too.

As I planed to be there for a few hours only, I only took some minimal equipment, my Wouxun handy and a couple of spare battery packs and a sota pole. Both the Wouxun and the sota pole have given me sterling service and again I want not disappointed.

I only planned this the night before around 22:30, so my post on SOTA Watch did not have much time to get around, I think with hind site 07:00 in the morning it too early for most people on 2m FM.

Trig Point
Trig Point

After calling for 30 minutes and not getting much, I went back to the car for a coffee and a scan round on some repeaters for a quick rag chew. Then back outside to call CQ SOTA , and getting some odd looks from other lay-by users.

After a little while things started to warm up and I managed to work a number of contacts. One or whom told me about a good tea room and a good local fish and chip shop. So I had to give them a go all be it later.

A little way down the road on the other side from the trig point is a memorial to the crew of a Halifax Bomber and the driver of a milk lorry killed when the plain crashed on a Training Flight.