Cooking up things on the Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI This is a little off topic, but I hope that you will forgive me, as a great number of Radio Hams are also into Raspberry Pis as well !

Spent the day working with my son on a number of Raspberry Pi projects, the first we to see if we could get our Raspberry Pi to drive a 16 x 2 LCD.

We followed a very useful How to on the AdaFruit Site


As you can see we set it up with the basic option showing Date / Time / IP Address.

You may have already worked out that this is a model A Raspberry Pi, and has been setup with a Wireless Wifi Dongle, and a Static IP Address.

We did have some initial issues with the Pi Hanging, however these were resolved with a better quality power supply.


The second thing we have been working with is the Raspberry Pi Camera, you can get one for your Pi from 

Using the motion software. a good guide that worked for us is at