Finningley Amateur Radio Rally 20th July 2013

finningley2014After a night of very heavy rain and thunderstorms. I was please to wake up to a bright sunny morning. Arriving at Finningley Amateur Radio Society, we were made very welcome,  and were given a bit of extra help to park the camper van.

Conditions were a bit wet under foot, however it was great to see a great many stalls outside, plenty of boxes of stuff to rummage around in. My wife thought it was all junk and them best bit was the food !. However I found some super bargains, I picked up a Somoco SRM9000 AC, which I am hoping to use for an APRS project. (That I am sure will be another blog).

60% of the stalls were located outside and the car park looked very busy, we received a great welcome, from the guys on the Sheffield & District Wireless Society. They have produced some excellent publicity material, bang up to date and interesting to look at, as I say that as a former public relations officer.

While they were formed from a split of the Sheffield ARC, at the end of the day you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and it look to me as if Sheffield has two excellent Clubs.

There was a good mix of small traders, radio amateurs, and a few clubs. Over the last 4 rallies I have been to there have been almost now beam antennas for sale, new or used. I think that there is a gap in the market here for some enterprising person