First Rally Visit of 2015

RIPON RADIO RALLY – Hugh Ripley HallMy first Amateur Radio Rally of the year was a visit to the  Ripon Radio Rally, located at the Hugh Ripley Hall, in Ripon. I missed a number of good rallies and decided that a visit to Ripon from my home in Sheffield was required.

I had not visited this rally and wasn’t sure what to expect, I found the venue without a problem, however parking was another matter.

Having arrived queued up outside, and then paid to get in I was eager to see what was being offered.

Ripon Rally insideThere were two areas that I found one downstairs and the other upstairs. It was good to see some traders I know, however there was a large stand selling what I considered to be somewhat over priced used laptops. Quite a few stalls downstairs selling well, junk! and not the useful sort I like.

There was a good sized book stall from the RSGB, however the people manning the stand were more interested in talking to each other than their customers. Beats me why put on a stand if you are not interested in your customers.

Is it just me or are most of the ‘new’ books just rehashed 1960s stuff in a new cover. I am sure as a hobby we can do better than this.

I was hoping that someone would be selling a 70cms yagi – but no luck. Was difficult to find a couple of BNC connectors.

All this and I didn’t even find a bacon sandwich.