First Venture in to APRS

Aprsdroid I thought that is made sense linking an interest in mapping and navigation and Radio.

A first look into APRS and it looks like a tracking system, however I have found its much much more.

Firstly when you search the internet you will find lots and lots of APRS information, but its mostly US based.

When I started, it was like a closed world full of jargon. Unfortunately as far as I was able to find out there was no one in our club involved in the APRS community.

As most things Amateur Radio it was looking like an expensive start, my local dealer wanting to sell me  an expensive new Radio.

Then I was able to find Robin G4NDM to come and give us a talk on APRS.

One of the things he mentions was APRSdroid see  well I already had an Android phone, how hard could it be ?

Well the answer was simple.

Once I had installed the app, I when into preferences, applied for my APRS-IS passcode. Once I had received that I sent up my call sign and ssid added some beacon text and I or anyone else could locate me on  . I am sure someone is going to tell me this in not real radio.

Packets are sent from the phone via the Internet to the APRS-IS network.

Then two other items caught my eye the DigiTracker from And then the

However they are another story !