Junction 28 QRP Rally 2015

J28 QRP RallyJunction 28 QRP Rally 2015

This Rally is run by the  South Normanton Alfreton and District ARC  (SNADARC) in association with the G-QRP Club.

I would describe this a good Old fashioned Rally, and the organisers are to be complemented.

I arrived at the Door about 30 minutes after it was opened, I have been at least 4 times before, so I parked in Alfreton and took a short walk to the Leisure Centre, which was just as well because the car park was full, which just goes to show how popular this rally is.

The sad thing was that just before me two other Radio Amateurs arrived, and all they could do was to greet, the people at to door by moaning that the car park was full and the event did not have very good signs. I was very surprised at this its hard to miss the big signs saying Alfreton Leisure Centre – and in any event there was a talk in.

Well lots of good stalls in side, quite a bit of the second hand equipment was fetching a good price. These is a big gap in the market I feel and messers Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu are missing a trick.

UHF / VHF multimode Transceiver’s are look rocking horse poo, none of the manufactures are making a new one. I just can not believe the price of them second hand.

I was also looking for a Transceiver with  23cms again only two base stations on the marked with 23cms and nothing to go portable with. So it looks like a transvertor or a home build project.

Please note that my pictures were taken just before closing. My thanks to the organisers – see you next year !

J28 QRP Rally 2015