Moel Famau SOTA Summit GW/NW-044 Sunday 6th July 2014


Jubilee Tower Summit Moel Famau
Jubilee Tower Summit Moel Famau

Following a visit to a near by Amateur Radio Rally, we decided to go off and activate a SOTA Summit and take part in the last hour of the RSGB Backpackers Amateur Radio Contest.

Having decided before we left Sheffield on Moel Famau, we headed for the Car Park at O/S Map Ref SJ 16136 60548, arriving at the Car Park it was nice to find the parking meters out of order. The was also a ‘shepherds hut’ style traitor selling Drinks and Snacks.

We took the steeper of the two paths leaving the Car Park and headed for the Summit of Moel Famau.  As you can see in the picture (left) the summit is dominated by the Jubilee Tower, a Structure dating back to George III, I understand. The walk us wasn’t to bad although, in the wet or snow or ice it would be very different.

On the way upIts one of those paths, where you think you are getting near the summit and you round the corner and see how far you have really got to go. Have a look at the photo to see what I mean, there was still quite a way for me to walk.

One reaching the top Denis (M0USV) setup close in to the Jubilee Tower, to keep out of the wind. I selected a place near the Trig Point, which is about 90 metres East of the Summit, as we were both going to operate 2m (FM and SSB).

This was one of the best days SOTAing I have had, the climb us was hard work for me, and my legs were causing real problems, but to sit in the sun an chat to people on the radio was excellent, and ever better at 2.5 watts QRP.

View from the topMany thanks to all the the Radio Amateurs who answere my CQ Calls, I could not have activated the summit without you. Moel Famau GW/NW-044