NARSA Norbreck Radio Rally 2015

Blackpool2jpgApril 12th saw an early morning start for both of us, so that we could get to the NARSA Norbreck Radio Rally, in Blackpool, which is not a bad drive from Sheffield.

I have got to say that I think that this has got to be one of the top three Amateur Radio Rallies in the UK, so in my view well worth making the trip.

Although the venue leaves a lot to be desired.

My first stop was the HAM-DMR stand where they had some great products, and some very friendly and helpful staff. I am still not sure which way to jump in the Digitial market yet but from what I seen and been allowed to use HAM-DMR is way out front, for me the sound quality is second to none, not the R2D2 you can get with other modes.

A quick bit of shopping from Moonraker, always good value, and very friendly staff.

Then a good look round, had a great chat from the guys at Bolton Wireless Club, gave me some great help and advise on how to get started in Microwave.

Blackpool1 Worked all Britain, looked busy, just managed to catch the RSGB General Manager in the Shot, good to see him getting out and about and meeting all sorts of Amateurs.

Then off to the Norbreck fish and chip restaurant for some lunch. Here I have found that, Fish and Chips that never disappoints. Been a number of times over the last five year every time as good as the last well worth a visit.

Strong recommendation – don’t eat at the venue !

Was hoping to catch the BATC Stand – but they were not there.