National Hamfest 2014

National HamfestThis was my forth year visiting the National Hamfest at Newark Nottinghamshire. Sadly not much has changed since my first visit. Which makes me question why should I visit next year ?

The highlight of the show for me was the collection of stalls in the open air. Its great to rummage round an get a bargain. I think more should be done to encourage greater numbers of these stalls. I have camped a couple of time but not this year. It would be good to encourage more people to camp and include some sort of social element.

The event could do with some technical talks, and or come along an build. The unofficial UKAC contest meet was a great idea, maybe that could be extended for next year  ?

The food this year was worse mostly brown looking and the van outside ran out of bacon at one point. One key thing I have found at rallies the the good quality value for money food, surely we could do better than this? It would be great not to have to apply for credit to buy a can of pop too !

Nice to see the team from Ham-Cambs again, these people know how to have fun, and win contests too. Not sure I could go for a Curry. IMG_20140927_122011079_HDR

After an evening contesting in the UKAC, still I am an ‘Old Fart !’

Is was interesting to talk to Martin Lynch about Yaesu’s New repeater, its a shame that they have chosen to launch another digital platform. It like Betamax and VHS all over again.