National Hamfest 2017

outside view National HamfestManaged to get a couple of days at the National Hamfest this year.

We were camping near by at a great little site called poachers patch which I am only to pleased to recommend.

The general feeling was that the event was better this year, as in previous years Friday was the busy day, dispite the rain. It would have been nice to see a couple of marquees makeing the outside event an all weather attraction, maybe if would lead to more stalls.

On Friday the gathering of Contesters, who take part in the UKACs has got bigger and bigger. Its a great oportunity for putting faces to names. I was able to meet a couple of people from Bolton Wireless Club, and talk about microwaves. I for one could do with a few more seats and tables at the venue and better food.

group of amateur radio contestersI managed to get someone to take a picture, having said that you can’t see me so I might as well have taken it myself (i like to hide at the back). For anyone who has not entered the UKACs there are a great friendly way of spending a few hours. There are much more friendly than there HF counterpart.

I managed to get a look at a number of things, I did very much like the look of E Antennas Hex beam, I have to say that it looked an felt

E AntennasVery well made and very pleasing to the eye, however thats maybe because I have an engineering background.

I could easly see one in my back garden, however I know of a Radio Club near me thats also looking at one, so I am aiming to try before I buy as it were.

In the left of the picture you can just see the BATC stand, and it was excellent to see their Portsdown Project on display. If you have not seen the BATCs Magazine do take a look I think its the best in Amateur Radio.

Lastly I managed to get a look at the New Icom, ID-4100e, just the sort of Radio I like in My car. Looking at the specifications it impressed me. Looks like I need to save more money, before I will get one. Maybe the price will go down.