‘New’ licensing system issues

ofcom-logoOfcom and their new licensing system issues, are a hot topic in the Amateur Radio world currently, the new licensing system appears to be much like other government IT systems. Today I counted at least 11 posts about it in the RSGB Tech forum, its amazing what gets discussed there.

Earlier this month the RSGB issued a statement saying;  “We continue to have regular meetings with senior managers at Ofcom about problems with their new licensing system including the issuing of previously used call signs and the continuing need to revalidate amateur licences every five years.  The Society is extremely frustrated at the lack of progress by Ofcom and appreciate the inconvenience caused to those trying to use the system.”

Well at least as far as I could see the Ofcoms New licensing system hadn’t made the pages of the Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/ I guess that its much too small for them to pick up on and to use their term it hasn’t gone TITSUP (Total Inability to Support Usual Perf.)  Unless that is you know different.

Time to listen to the local repeater and see what they are saying . . .