Ofcom to take away our 70cms allocation !

ofcom-logo Ofcom has published a request for inputs as part of its strategic review of the 420-470MHz band. Which could mean the loss of the 70cms band for Amateur Radio.

They say the band is under pressure and there is a lot of commercial interest, i.e. they can sell it off and make lots of money.

Currently the RSGB is preparing a response, however their response will only count the same as one other Radio Amateur, so its very important that all Radio Amateurs get the message and send in a response to Ofcom, or we will loose the band.

Just think what could happen to your local repeater ?

So what can you do ?

1. Use the 70cms band more, start a local net !

2. Wait a short time, get the abridged info from the RSGB, then write to Ofcom.

3. There is an election coming up, don’t forget to pressure your local MP


Full details can be found at:  http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/consultations/420-470-mhz/summary/420-470-mhz.pdf

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