One of my favourite bits of kit is my Mobilinkd TNC

One of my favourite bits of kit is my Mobilinkd TNC, I purchased mine about two and half years ago from the US.

It’s a great little item and is so easy to use and operate, it has a cracking user interface on my mobile phone and when out walking or activating a SOTA Sumit, I use an old phone with aprsdroid to provide the GPS tracking data. From unboxing the first time I was up and running on APRS and could see my self on with 15 minutes.

After all this time it still works first time on time every time, it’s normally fixed to my handheld with a ‘hi-tech’ fixing (elastic band) and I place the old phone in the top of my rucksack connection via Bluetooth so only the one cable between Mobilinkd TNC and the radio.

The mobile phone user interface is very easy to use and I would say much better than any user interface I seen on some very expensive APRS Radios. 

It’s also completely hackable for those of us that insist on knowing how their gear works and trying to improve it. Mobilinkd is clearly in the user’s corner and provides a page on hacking on their website. They also provide details of how to create a Mobilinkd TNC on a breadboard for just a few dollars, well pounds in my case.

I have also enjoyed being able to create my ‘own’ TNC on breadboard – a nice project to do at home or the radio club.

This is great if you are looking to get started with APRS it doesn’t break the bank and can be used with almost any 2m radio.