Practical Wireless Announces the 1st VHF / UHF SOTA Weekend


On Page 60 of Practical Wireless July 2014 “Announcing the First Practical Wireless VHF/UHF SOTA Weekend”

SOTA being one of my favorite Amateur Radio Activities I was very much drawn to this article. So what are they planning, well they are running the weekend over the August Bank Holiday 00:00 Local time Saturday 23rd August to 23:59 Monday 25th August 2014.

PW say that they will be encouraging us to take to the hills with our VHF/UHF portable gear and activate SOTA Summits. No encouragement needed here, so I going to be looking forward to this, even though I may have to change the bank holiday plans !

They go on to say that its not a contest, and it looks like our friends at SOTAbeams have ‘very generously’ offered some prizes. These I understand are to be awarded for the ‘most unusual activation of the weekend’ and and to the person who ‘contributes the most to the PW VHF/UHF SOTA weekend.

Practical Wireless have ran over the last couple of months some very good articles on going portable, and there is a lot of very good information on the SOTA Website

Practical Wireless aka PW website

SOTABeams website