Review – ZLP DigiMaster MiniPRO DATA Interface

DigiMaster MiniPRO DATA InterfaceI purchased my DigiMaster MiniPRO DATA Interface from ZLPs web site, shortly after getting my foundation licence in 2011.

I had set up my ‘shack’ in the shed at the bottom of the garden this meant every time I wanted to operate I had to setup in the shed and then pack everything away, so the data interface has had quite a bit of use, It also goes camping we me! and up the occasional SOTA Summit.

I set this up with my FT-897 and FT-817 and the Interface works like at dream, its very well made, the instructions are very clear and Neil from ZLP is very helpful.

I use the interface mainly with HRD and DM780, however it does get some us with FLdigi and WSPR, both on Windows and Linux.

DM_MINIPRO_0003_mediumAt once you can see the quality of construction, if you change radio just just purchase a cable for that Radio. Mine has really been used and abused its a great bit of kit.

Not only are the products made to the highest quality but the Customer Service Neil gives his customers is second to none !

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