The 31st Annual Practical Wireless 144MHz QRP Contest June 2014

The 31st Annual Practical Wireless 144MHz QRP Contest June 2014, takes place on the 15th June 2014, from 09:00 to 16:00 (UTC). Before you switch pages because of the word contest, let me tell you that this is a fun and enjoyable event.

While most of the action will take place on SSB there will also be some contacts to be found on FM and CW. As this is a QRP contest the max amount of power you can use is 3 watts. This means that regardless of the level of licence you hold we are all competing on a level playing field, which is what encouraged me to take part as an M6, then as a 2E0 and this year as a Full Licence holder.

If you just obtained your foundation licence then this is a great way to have some fun and improve your skills, well is was for me !

Full details about the contest can be found at 


To take part you will need to exchange some details as part of your QSO, these being Your Call Sign, Signal Report (RST), and a Serial Number which starts 001 for your first contact, 002 for your second and so on, Lastly you will need to give your locator, my home locator is IO93ii. You can find this out in a number of ways I used an android app  Ham Gps see and I know there are IPhone apps for this as well. Another method is to use F6FVY’s website this the method recommended in PW its self.

Remember if you need help ask at your local Amateur Radio  club