The Junction 28 QRP Rally 8th June 2014

I think that its the fourth year in a row I been to the Junction 28 QRP Rally, this year looked better attended than last. The hall appeared to be quite full and I had a chat to a number of traders who said takings were up, and they might even break even, fuel being the killer cost.

It was as with all Rallies are a good chance to catch up with friends old and new, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people I appear to know bearing in mind I been in the hobby for a short time. That is one of the best things about Amateur Radio, everyone is so friendly and eager to help.

I was looking for a cost effective 2m/70cms lightweight beam, sadly there did not appear to be any on sale. I was interested to hear about the local DMR repeater, looks like this technology will give D-Star a run for its money. However is it going to be another Betamax verses VHS?

Kevin G3AAF, was selling a very nice 4m transverter, he told me he is planning a workshop where we can learn the skills in surface mounted technology and build one of these are the same time. This sounds excellent to me. Bargain of the day was for me anyway, one of my friends picked up an excellent morse key for only £3.