Urban Foxhunting in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Fox Hunt GroupMembers of Worksop Amateur Radio Society took park in an Urban Foxhunt, or Amateur Radio Direction finding as its also know. Around Worksop using 70cms band hand held radios, this involved a short talk from Paul Archer (M0PJA), because a number of members had not done this sort of activity before, this was then followed by and evening out in Worksop, putting the skills they had learnt into practice.

The Feedback on the evening from the club members was excellent and another
event is already planned.

The 70cms band was chosen, because many members of the club already had access to a Hand Held Radio with 70cms on, also to reduce the size of the Antennas. Many members had attended some antenna workshops run by the club and had build themselves a 70cms directional antenna.
We found that in a built up area, signals can get reflected making the task of find the fox much more
fun! We also got some bemused looks from onlookers.


The Fox
The Fox !

The fox in this case was a wouxun hand held, with an Arduino controlled ‘beacon’ putting out a Morse Message, this was constructed by one of the Club Members, Denis (M0USV). This is a project in progress and we are improving the design all the time. Once we finalised this we will publish more information about this.
The idea for this event came from an item in the RSGBs (Radio Society of Great Britain) Radcom Magazine in April 2012, by Radio Amateurs in Eastbourne, who we would like to thank for their help and support.