Young People on the Air – YOTA

YOTA LOGOThe Radio Socciety of Great Brittan (RSGB) Has organising a get-together for its young Members (Young People under 25 – we understand). The event will take place on the weekend of 19th and 20th July in Wolverhampton.

A link up with the Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) event in Finland. The RSGB is calling this YOTA UK. There plan is to have a ‘mini-convention’ on the Saturday with activities linked to SOTA aerial building, satellite operating, receiver building, Intermediate practical work, a special event station and a BBQ.
They also have a Direction Finding event planned for the Sunday and a further opportunity to operate the special event station. THE RSGB would like to see as many young Members in attendance as possible and hope to make YOTA UK a regular event.

From there Twitter feed I see that PSK Receiver building is getting a lot of interest, which is good because we like data modes.

We understand that something very special for a club-based activity for IARU YOTA month in December- acording to the RSGB.